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The Charm-O-Meter

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In a field of work which often relies on other people allowing you to photograph them, getting other people’s permission is of course key (and yes I know, it is probably good courtesy as well). Charm is also important. But how much charm does one have? Can one rate oneself?

As etiquette goes, probably not – I’m not sure whether people will think I’m particularly charming if I rate myself. And in any case we always need a good dollop of objectivity in these situations don’t we? —–> Therefore I’ve constructed something which can take the burden off my shoulders. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Charm-O-Meter.

How it works: quite simple really. Everytime I try and persuade someone to give me permission to take photos of them I note down whether the response is positive or negative and convert the final number of positive answers into a %, where ‘%’ represents one’s verbal dexterity in any given situation. I have broken the scores down below and given each bracket its symbolic representative going from 1 (Steven Segal) to 10 (Harrison Ford). Ben Affleck is the badge for anything below 0%. And lastly, ‘maybe’s’ are latent responses and therefore mean nothing until they are finalised. Ouch.

The Charm Board:

91- 100% – Harrison Ford
81 – 90% – George Clooney
71 – 80% – Leo Dicaprio
61 – 70% – Jake Gyllenghall
51 – 60% – Russell Crowe
41 – 50% – Bruce Willis
31 – 40% – Arnold Schwarzenegger
21 – 30% – Sylvestor Stallone
11 – 20% – Dolph Lundgren
1 – 10% – Steven Segal
-10% – Ben Affleck

My Charming Stats:

Old man pub 1 – NO
Old man pub 2 – NO
Church – MAYBE
Hairdresser 1 – NO
Hairdresser 2 – MAYBE
Traditional ‘Pie + Mash’ Restaurant – MAYBE
Halal Butcher 1 – NO
Halal Butcher 2 – NO
Halal Butcher 3 – NO
Halal Butcher 4 – YES (give me a hell yes for perseverance!)
Hairdresser 3 – YES
Hairdresser – YES
Welder – YES
Mechanic – NO (cos I’m a “complete insurance liability”)

Current conversion rate: 29% (4 out of 14).

Current Charm-o-meter value: well it’s great to know that my chat is about as versatile as Sylvestor Stallone. Maybe I should try Rambo it at the next place I barge into instead?


Written by Max Colson

January 17, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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