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Superheroes & video game champions: The MCM Expo (London’s Comic Con)

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Billy Jigsaw London MCM Expo

As suggested in my previous post I went to the MCM Expo, the English equivalent of the USA’s Comic Con festival, on Saturday. It was so fun. I met some really cool superheroes, checked out some amazing costumes, and had some nostalgic chats about comic characters with some hardcore fans.

I made a shot list which I did follow but the images that I think work the most are the ones that demonstrate the fans’ difference. The problem is is that some of them can be read as mocking portrayals of it which isn’t quite what I intended when I took the photos (e.g. male with comic book).

I do think the finger pointing photo is the most interesting shot out of them all however, mostly because of the interaction between my ‘accusatory’ finger and the angry face…

Manga Anime bags London MCM Expo

Kingdom of Hearts Sora Cosplay London MCM Expo

Near Death Node London MCM Expo

Comic Fan London MCM Expo

Comic and computer game fans sonic knuckles Fan London MCM Expo

Billy Jigsaw London MCM Expo

Comic and computer game fan Fan London MCM Expo

Written by Max Colson

June 3, 2011 at 5:53 pm