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Limp Bizkit get down with the kids, 2011 style (Predictable? Never!)

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Oh wow! Limp Bizkit have clean forgotten that a bunch of 40 year olds shouldn’t be producing bonehead, misogynistic, rap metal for 13 year olds. How surprising

The problem for Limp Bizkit is that nowadays this brand of rebellion just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s way too normal (which is fairly awful in itself if you think about it), especially when you have the horrifyingly new ‘don’t give a fucked-ness’ of Odd Future to contend with*

*Odd Future are currently positioning a different brand of misogyny in the “rebellious music” department at the moment. The most ironic thing about Odd Future is that their brand of misogyny is so extreme that they’re actually being rapturously embraced by pop-culture as a bit of novelty act right now (I’d check out Assmilk for the best example of their content). There’s also this live show below which really marks Odd Future out from the rest of their hip-hop contemporaries…

Written by Max Colson

July 1, 2011 at 1:10 pm