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A gutted room

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Max Colson torn carpet photography

Still meandering with a camera and without a project to put it to I found myself staying at a very lovely house on the outskirts of Bristol recently. The main house was lively and warm, just as I’d remembered it, but at the end of the main arterial hallway I found that the old study was being gutted. There was to be a complete refurbishment; someone new was moving in; everything was gone.

The change from how I had remembered it from before was immense, the loss of familiar objects as striking as it always is. But now daylight was streaming through the front windows without any obstruction, bathing the carpet all over the the room with a strange light. I spent a while in the room photographing what I saw, and recorded what I thought would be intriguing to look at in the future.

I don’t think these images all really go together as a set, because the mood is different in many of them, but regardless here are some of the things that were there:

Max Colson torn carpet photography

Max Colson lamp cracked ceiling

Max Colson plug cracked chipped wall

Max Colson photography wall plug

Max Colson tiled floor puzzle

Max Colson wall drill hole

Written by Max Colson

November 25, 2011 at 9:37 am

The human presence

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Max Colson photography photographer tomato advertisement

Over the summer I didn’t really know what to do with myself. I had a camera in my room and it was burning a hole in the drawer where I kept it. What the hell kind of images should I make? What was the point of using the camera? Where was I going?

Earlier on in the summer I had handed in my first assessed MA project Napoleon Dynamite with a sense that it was okay. There were some nice images in there but, as was later commented upon, it was a piece which didn’t hang together as well as it could. Nevertheless I learnt a lot more about how to handle my camera under pressure and so it good learning experience in this respect.

I didn’t have any gleaming ideas over the summer either but I wanted to play around with how I was photographing and try something new. To try and free myself I decided to do some walking around London with a tripod and to try not photographing with a journalistic story in mind. Instead the only thing I would do is would to capture anything building or surface that struck me. Inevitably, being pictures taken in a city, there would always be a human presence.

Max Colson photography photographer shadow and face

Max Colson photography photographer council estate bin bag London

Max Colson photography photographer front door spyhole

Max Colson photography photographer council estate delivery boy london

Max Colson photography photographer atm cash machine london

Written by Max Colson

November 22, 2011 at 9:53 pm