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Test Driving the Panasonic Lumix GF1

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After checking out people’s work from the Street Photography assignment a few weeks back, I realised that I was definitely missing having a small camera to take around with me. What originally got me into photography was the point and shoot. It’s well small. You can just stick it in your pocket and forget about it, which is represents some serious freedom for the typical DSLR user. However their build quality is seriously lacking, and after having two pack up on me I’ve decided to opt for a better build of machine as I want my next compact for the long-haul.

I saw Italo Morales was having a whale of a time on the street with his Olympus EP-1. After some immensely helpful advice from him I actually eventually ended up opting for the EP1’s direct competitor the Panasonic Lumix GF1. It is small, it is lovely and it takes nice photos. I took it out for its first proper test drive this weekend. Here are some of the adventures:


Wedding dinner in Chinatown

The bride and groom cut the cake

Loadsa chats

Some sleeping


Unidentified man in bookshop