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‘Riotous’ adverts

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Adverts aimed at younger demographics which have been taken down or postponed because they feature images of protest/youth disturbances (although they are still live on YouTube):

Levi’s latest commercial from their ‘Go Forth’ campaign

Channel 4 Summer Season


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Some people had some fun:

looting london riots spngebob square pants photoshoplooter

looting london riots downing street david cameron photoshoplooter

looting london riots teletubbies photoshoplooterTeletubbies get it on

looting london riots twister photoshoplooterTwister

looting london riots racketball photoshoplooterRacketball

looting london riots skipping photoshoplooterSkipping

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Written by Max Colson

August 12, 2011 at 9:29 am

Croydon, 8th August 2011

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Original Flickr photo post here. Image is the property of MadTea on Flickr.